Automotive Servicing

SCW Automotive is the commercial servicing and repair unit based in the SCW Group. It offers its services to corporate clients such as individual trucks, vans, buses, lorries and fleet owners. Boasting dedicated manpower and experience, SCW Automotive’s mechanics are trained to explain and educate clients on the specifics and the “Need to” requirements in a service session. Every session includes a fundamental and “Guided” multipoint check on their vehicle together with a mechanic to verify problems. Upon completion of the “tour” a straight up quotation will be issued which will also be the finalized invoice. This cohesive approach enables clients to be educated only on the necessary expenses with no hidden or unjustified costs.

SCW Automotive believes in providing quality competitive edge service and quality time is necessary to obtain this objective. Hence, make an appointment with us first before you visit as we would like to ensure that no rush is involved and that our service is dependable. You can call us at 6555 0555 to book an appointment or email us at

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