Our Expertise

Dedicated to providing innovative and quality engineering solutions to clients, SCW provides a range of unparalleled services from specialized conversion of commercial automotives customized to our client’s exclusive needs, retrofitting of governmental approved automotive features such as the essential 3 point child safety belt systems for buses, distributorship and installation of features for utility, military and emergency automotives as well as servicing and maintenance of Commercial Automotives.

  • Specialised Conversion

    Specialised Conversion

    Take a moment and get to know our exclusive Specialized Conversion service. You'll find that at SCW, we extend our vision of innovative solutions for our clients and with that we challenge to provide this service which many other firms can't.

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  • Specialised Retrofitting & Customised Fabrication

    Specialised Retrofitting & Customised Fabrication

    SCW's specialized retrofitting & customized fabrication capabilities are which our engineers are well known for in the industry. Give us your specs and work with us and we will be sure, you won't be disappointed.

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  • Automotive Servicing

    Automotive Servicing

    SCW Automotive, the service and maintenance arm of the SCW Group provides automotive servicing to both commercial owners and private car owners.

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  • Authorised Distribution & Dealership

    Authorised Distribution & Dealership

    Extensive experience and presence have given SCW a substantial foundation of distributive and dealership network of many automotive products well known and trusted in the market.

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