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At SCW Engineering & Automotive, we are the premier commercial automotive service provider for the local and international community. Our partners include governmental and private entities. Providing over 80years of premium automotive services, we are a progressive business with a rich heritage of excellence.

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  • “A very Efficient & Quality Service, I really like their approach to our engineering solutions and appreciate their help very much, at least one burden is down.”

    - Mr Teo Yee Siang, Commercial Fleet Owner

  • “Just finished a job with Soon Chow, Love the results and costs. Thanks for the recommendations.”

    - Ms Grace Tan, corporate owner of a Nursing home

  • “Our Engineer was easy and approachable to deal with. We really appreciate his help and initiative. The assistance and support we received was excellent.”

    - Mr Desmond Tse, Director of FX International

  • “One of the best service we received in town, totally satisfied.”

    - UniMedicare Ambulances

  • “Very good experience and workmanship, never doubted them as they have been in this market for so long. Thank you.”

    - Lieutenant General Amrul, Brunei Armed Forces

  • “They are innovative and excellent problem solvers, we saved on costs building our parts locally instead of importing costly products. Good and trusted company. Keep it up.”

    - Mr Jacky Fernandez , Logistics Manager

  • “What I liked most about their service was the consistent high quality service and our chemistry together. It was friendly and easy to manage.”

    - Community Solutions