Looking to beef up your pickup truck ? Or utility trucks (Utes) as what we would prefer to call them. Utes have been gradually picking up pace and trend in sunny Singapore due to its practicality and masculine looks, not to forget its value for money package. Over the years, Utes have proven reliable and dependable in the work sector and many have since ended up in a private owner’s garage. The Ute’s looks, has also over the years improved greatly and many manufacturers such as Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota have paid great attention to enhancing their Ute’s package. With masculine looks to match its practicality, the Ute has been an appeal to many. Acknowledging this trend, SCW pays extra value to these 2 features which it has exclusive distributor rights to some of the world’s most recognized Ute products available. Take a moment and imagine beefing up your truck and let us help you relinquish that imagination. With a quick choice and under strict quality control & supervisory, we will be sure of your satisfaction in quick time. All products come with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and 1 year in house warranty.

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